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    打牌吧下载The torero knew it but too well. The turbulent populace who sat on the sunny side of the Plaza were beginning to show a certain animosity against him, thinking themselves forgotten. They criticised his constant intercourse with wealthy people, and his desertion of those who had been his first admirers. Gallardo wished therefor to take advantage of every means of flattering those whose applause he wanted. A few days before the procession, he informed the most influential members of la Macarena of his intention to follow in it. He did not wish the people to know it, it was purely an act of devotion, and he wished his intention to remain a secret.


    "My son! Juaniyo!... If your poor father could see you!"
    But before Carmen could reply the saddler broke in:
    He now mixed with the real toreros, and he could afford to stand treat to the old servants who remembered the exploits of the famous masters. It was rumoured as true, that certain patrons were working in favour of[Pg 76] this "lad," and were only waiting for a propitious occasion for his début, at the baiting of novillos[58] in the Plaza of Seville.


    1.The sun had set, and the landscape, which before had seemed so brilliant, now looked dull and grey; even the river had disappeared, and Do?a Sol spurred on her horse without saying another word, or even appearing to notice if the espada were following her.
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